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Nophadrain develops and produces geocomposite drainage systems that serve as a strong basis for trafficable roofs, green roofs, water retention roofs and solar roofs. In their smart drainage systems they combine the different functional layers into one product.

To ensure the highest quality standards, Nophadrain continuously tests and evaluates all recycled raw materials they use in their production for suitability. They test and manufacture all their ND Drainage Systems in accordance with DIN EN 13252. The company guarantees high performance of all drainage systems used in the various Nophadrain Green and Utility Roof Systems.

Nophadrain uses high impact polystyrene (HIPS) as the basic material for the drainage cores of the ND Drainage Systems. The dimples of the ND Drainage Systems have a constant wall thickness. This unique dimpled shape in combination with HIPS as a raw material results in drainage systems with excellent compressive strengths.
It makes the ND Drainage Systems perfect for applications where high static and especially dynamic loads, for example for roofs with traffic, are to be expected.

At Nophadrain, delivering a good product does not stop after production. As a supplier of total systems for green and utility roofs, they closely guide you in all phases of the construction process: from design to implementation. When designing a utility roof, the underlying roof structure, the waterproofing membrane and its protection are of great importance for the success of your project.

Nophadrain’s specialists provide you with architectural advice that takes into account all facets of the construction process. From information about guidelines and standards to advice about the correct vegetation or paving. In addition, their on-site consultants ensure a flawless installation of the Nophadrain Green and Utility Roof Systems. In this way, they use their expertise to bridge the gap between everyone involved in the construction of a green roof or utility roof: developers, architects, constructors, roofers, gardeners, landscapers and landscape architects.