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For more than 30 years, Nophadrain develops and manufactures high quality drainage systems that are the core element for a vast variety of applications. Build on this manufacturing competence they design and deliver tailor made system solutions for trafficable roofs, green roofs, water retention roofs and solar roofs.

Nophadrain does this according to their philosophy “Maximize the open space”. By using our limited urban space as efficient as possible, we aim to contribute to an even more sustainable and greener environment.

Research, development and production
Nophadrain develops and produces geocomposite drainage systems as strong base for multilayer green, trafficable or solar roof systems on roofs and parking decks.

To assure highest quality standards, the company constantly test and evaluate all virgin and recycled raw materials that they use in the production. All products that they manufacture are produced and audited in line with DIN EN 13252. Hereby they guarantee high performance of all drainage systems used in different utility roof systems such as extensive green roofs or parking and podium decks.

Nophadrain uses high impact polystyrene (HIPS) as base material for the drainage core of the ND Drainage Systems. The dimples of the ND Drainage System have a constant wall thickness. This unique dimple design in combination with HIPS as a raw material results in drainage systems with outstanding compressive strengths. It makes the ND Drainage Systems the perfect product for applications where high static and especially dynamic loads, e.g. for trafficable roofs, are to be expected.

Not only the drainage systems are built to last. Nophadrain also trust in long-lasting partnerships. Since more than 30 years, Nophadrain is known as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Every project is unique and requires specific and specialized expertise when designing and executing utility roofs. Based on their strong experience, developed over many years together with their partners in over 30 countries, their technical team designs state of the art solutions. With clear focus on all project individual parameters – such as waterproofing concept, installation requirements or utilization concept – Nophadrain consults you under consideration of all relevant standards, regulations and guidelines.

Together, you find the best possible solution for your unique project. Perfect execution is key for the end-result of the project. That is why we assist you also during the installation of your project. With this approach, they assure that each project executed with Nophadrain Utility Roof Systems becomes a great success.