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Design and application of traditional decorative plasters for architecture and interior design projects

Artisan Stucco & Ceramics, established in 2006 by Raquel Rodríguez, designs and applies custom made, highest quality lime stucco plasters.

The hydrated lime plasters are created by hand from the finest traditional materials and are applied using original methods that have been perfected through years of research and experience.

The methods and materials find their origin in historical roman and renaissance texts and the results are in all aspects equal to those found in humanity’s famous temples and palaces.

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are hand crafted from the best materials nature has to offer, achieving highly sophisticated finishes with bright natural colours and a wide variety of textures.

Artisan Stucco’s plasters can be customized to exactly match the colour, texture and technical specifications needed for the project, ensuring  a uniquely beautiful, durable and eco friendly result.

Artisan Stucco lime plasters are well suited for both interior and exterior projects in existing buildings or combined with modern construction systems.

Over the past decades Raquel Rodríguez has specialized in the technique of Sgraffito, designing and applying decorative hand carved murals with lime plaster. She has also developed a waterproof plaster system that combines the best of Fresco and Tadelakt techniques, resulting in a durable and easy to repair, natural and luminous waterproof finish.