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Artisan Stucco & Ceramics, established in 2006 by Raquel Rodríguez, designs and applies custom made, highest quality lime stucco plasters. Their methods and materials find their origin in historical roman and renaissance texts and the results are in all aspects equal to those found in humanity’s famous temples and palaces. Artisan Stucco has applied their plasters in a wide range of interior design and modern architecture projects, ecological building projects and the restoration of monuments in the course of the last 20 years. The plasters are always designed in close cooperation with the clients to perfectly match the unique individual needs of your project. The highly adaptable layer system of the plaster makes it possible to combine various technical mortars to fit a wide range of old and modern construction systems and situations. From waterproof to façade plasters.

Artisan Stucco tailors your architectural skin.