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Diresco inspires and challenges themselves. They spar, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. They strive to strengthen and improve each other. This is what drives them, as a Belgian manufacturer of quartz surfaces, every day. Together with their customers, suppliers and employees, they develop unique D-Quartz surfaces, that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Revolutionary BIO-UV technology also reduces our Carbon Footprint
From Diresco’s quest for pure perfection, in combination with their corporate social responsibility and sustainability, their unique BIO-UV technology was born. With the aid of plant-based and UV resistant resins, the company has produced a completely new generation of ecological quartz composite surfaces. These D-Quartz BIO-UV surfaces are comprised of ~90% natural quartz granulates and ~10% plant-based resins and color pigments. Leaving nothing to chance, they had the technical qualities of their BIO-UV technology extensively tested by the research institute Intertek. The results exceeded every expectation. This new technology even reduces our Carbon footprint.

The Quartz surfaces can be used almost everywhere
Thanks to their BIO-UV technology and the other standard qualities of quartz composite, Diresco’s D-Quartz material is much more resistant to sunlight. Their surfaces can thus be applied in any conceivable office or home situation, inside as well as outside. Think of (outdoor) kitchens and bathrooms, but also the cladding of facades, walls, stairs, floors, shop interiors, toilets, cabinets, counters, tables and / or terraces etc. The worktops, Diresco manufactures today, contributes to a sustainable future. Everlasting but also 100% reusable in new applications.

D-Quartz composite in a range of colours
Thanks to an ingenious composition of formulations using Quartz, resins and colour pigments, the colour spectrum is as extensive as the range of uses for Diresco’s surfaces. Belgian Blue and the marbled Noblesse – developed by Belgian product designers – are the classics. The trendy Terrazzo design is also hugely popular. Not simply because it looks fantastic, but also due to the unique production it undergoes: the coloured specks in the Terrazzo range actually derive from recycled quartz composite sheets from our in-house production process. The extensive colour spectrum of D-Quartz composite means there is something for every (outdoor) kitchen, and every floor, wall, stair or façade application.

Diresco has made it their business to have passion for quartz composite, passion for nature and passion for the people with whom and for whom we work. They have always inspired and been innovative. One concept that remains constant for Diresco though, is a commitment to quality. It’s something that nearly every company will claim, but Diresco reinforces it in several areas – including the environment. Choosing Diresco means choosing for quality, sustainability and the future.