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Good acoustics are essential for the perception and use of space . Whether it is a conference room, a restaurant, a concert hall or the lobby of a hotel, effective sound absorption is essential in all cases. Asona has over 35 years of experience in the development of high quality acoustic materials that will not only ensure an optimal acoustic environment in a variety of situations , but also contribute to the appearance of designed environments.

The core of Asona’s acoustic solutions lies in the unique combination of sound absorbing seamless acoustic plaster and acoustical treatments in the form of an acoustic spray in different layers. Asona’s materials absorb sound at specific frequencies and reduce the reverberation that causes acoustic nuisances. Depending on the application, location and surface, Asona seeks to find the best sound absorbing material. Asona specialists assist in developing acoustic solutions by not only providing the proper soundproofing materials but also by ensuring correct application and maintenance.

Asona has developed a wide variety of acoustic products at reasonable prices and is therefore able to offer consultants, architects and end-users a choice of several texture finishes ranging from super-smooth to a coarse sandpaper texture, with all RAL colours available. Seamless acoustic spray plaster additionally offers full freedom of form whether applied to ceiling, arches, columns or walls with complex curves. As such, the selected finish of the acoustic solution can almost always connect with the principles of a design and help to enhance not only the acoustic perception of a space, but also its materialisation, form and aesthetics.

Asona specialises in improving acoustical conditions in offices, theatres, schools, churches and all other spaces where performance aesthetics and economy of installation are the highest priorities. Asona believes the final result of any acoustical installation should result in a quieter, safer and more energy efficient world.