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Studio Christine Jetten is a unique leading design studio specialized in ceramic surfaces and custom glaze development for architectural ceramics, both façades and interiors. In addition, Jetten develops new tactile and visual qualities using her background in fine art and ceramic technology, to add to the architect’s palette, helping generate new ideas about how to use clay and ceramic glazes in building design. The studio’s artistic and successful contribution to the quality of buildings can be found on many continents, in the Americas, Western Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.

Each project, each brief, leads to a unique glaze solution that contributes to the building as a whole. Often the glaze typologies custom designed by Jetten are referred to as ‘haute couture’ among glaze solutions.

SCJ facilitates the collaborative process between architect / client and manufacturer, bridging the gap and with a focus on co-creation. The studio’s specific approach to ceramic materials leads to an ongoing dialogue between art and manufacturing techniques. SCJ offers insight into possibilities and freedom of choice.

Jetten sees a relationship between beauty and sustainability. The design assignments also include that buildings will still function in the future and that the users appreciate and want to maintain them.

Christine Jetten was educated as a master ceramicist in the field of sculptural and monumental art and as an engineer for ceramic technology. This guarantees that Jetten maintains an independent attitude and dedication to each project, while investigating specific glaze qualities through testing glaze materials to their full visual potential, marrying the conceptual and the making.