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New Horizon believes in circular economy as the new economic model. They are working on the transition to this new model in an entrepreneurial way. They do this with conviction and guts! New Horizon shows that circular entrepreneurship is better by doing it. Risk-bearing and with passion.

The goal is to supply building materials that contribute to a circular economy. To this end, they initiate new collaborations, technological innovations, system changes and prove that it is possible. These activities are accommodated in New Horizon Material Balance and united in the Urban Mining Collective.

In function of the production and supply of materials from urban mining, New Horizon acts as the main contractor for the dismantling of buildings. These activities are accommodated in New Horizon Urban Mining.

A circular economy is also an inclusive economy. Their directing role over raw materials means that they also have control over a large amount of labour. They use this position to contribute to the (re)introduction of people with a distance to the labour market in this process. New Horizon’s approach deviates from the regular ‘Social return’ standards and is best characterized by the term ‘Return to Social’. Their goal is to achieve measurable social impact. For this reason, they offer their solutions not only to clients and partners, but also to third parties.