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Studio Jiwei

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Jiwei Zhou (Studio Jiwei), Designer/ Materials Experience Researcher/ Biodesign and Biological Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

Fascinated by materials and the experiences they evoke, Jiwei Zhou has learned and formed her material driven approach in design. From developing materials from bio-based waste, to materials that grow, and to materials that are alive in the use time, her practices revolve around materials of the everyday, particularly investigating materials experiences and broader social implications – namely, how people sense, feel, interpret and perform upon materials, and how our social/ecological relationships with materials evolve. Zhou graduated from industrial design at the Tongji University and the Design for Interaction track at the Delft University of Technology, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in the research field of Biodesign and Biological Human-Computer Interaction. With her design-based research, Zhou hopes for a future of regained materials sensitivity and care practices, amongst the prevailing extractivism in human society.