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Polyrey SAS

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For 50 years, Polyrey has been manufacturing laminate and decorative boards for interior fitting and design use in the commercial and private sectors.

Polyrey High Pressure Laminate (HPL) consists of layers of strong and decorative paper impregnated with thermosetting resins. The combined action of heat (150°C) and high pressure (75kg/cm2) produces a product with excellent technical properties that include:

  • excellent impact and scratch resistance
  • durability and strength
  • ease of installation and use
  • a variety of decors and surface finishes
  • functional and hygienic everyday use
  • compliance with environmental standards

In addition to High Pressure Laminate, Polyrey also offers the following products:

  • Melamine faced boards (Panoprey)
  • Solid grade laminate (Compact Reysipur)
  • HPL bonded boards (Polyprey)

The protection of the environment is a priority for Polyrey. That is why Polyrey has put in place an FSC-certified chain of custody for its HPL, covering the majority of decors. The FSC-certified chain of custody confirms the wood used in Polyrey’s products comes from sustainably managed forests. Polyrey has PEFC certification for its two production sites as well. This certification covers all panels manufactured by Polyrey. In addition, Polyrey was one of the first laminate manufacturers to achieve the ISO 140001 Environment Management System certification.

Together with protecting the environment, Polyrey innovations offer high levels of safety for people as well. Hygiene is a major concern in all public places. Polyrey HPL and Compact products provide all types of interior fitting projects with increased protection through the antibacterial protection offered by Sanitized® silver ions. This initiative highlights Polyrey’s commitment to continual improvement in health and safety, thus exceeding the standard required by law. Integrated within the material in order to assure antibacterial protection throughout its lifecycle, the silver ions kill surface bacteria and block the cell division process, thus reducing bacteria proliferation. With Sanitized® antibacterial treatment, more than 99% surface bacteria are destroyed in just 24 hours. This antibacterial grade is standard for all of our HPL and Compact laminates.

On a day-to-day basis, Polyrey puts its 3 areas of expertise at the disposal of its customers in order to assist in their business development and growth:

  • technical innovation: innovative, decorative and environmentally conscious solutions for public, commercial and private market sectors in Europe
  • creativity and design: designs and textures supported by a real presence and partnership with architects and designers at the specification stage
  • customised services: high-quality products and services suited to the needs of our distributors and industrial customers.