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The Solution: PSF© (Plastic Soup Future)
With PSF products you make sustainable business visible. At a glance, your entire environment can see that your company is consciously engaged in corporate social responsibility.

Anyone who sees the PSF quality mark on the floor, a table top or other products recognizes the sustainable ideology of your company. You set high standards for your company. PSF helps you to make this visible.

Plastic soup is a big problem. Many raw materials are lost and there is damage to the environment. Waste plastic must be collected in order to be able to reuse it in sustainable products.

We can all see how big the problem of plastic waste in the world is. PSF offers you the technology and the tools to tackle this problem together. By turning plastic waste into a sustainable raw material for new products, they can tackle the global problem in a big way. This is how they challenge society to join them in the fight against plastic waste!

Collected waste plastic is sorted, cleaned and ground. This plastic can then be pressed into new products.

Sustainable PSF
PSF again makes sustainable products from this material. The sheet metal is used to make tables and tile floors. The crushed plastic can also be used in cast floors via a special process. For example, PSF shows that every type of plastic can be used sustainably.

PSF is extremely durable and vandal-proof. PSF lasts at least 50 years and is practically unbreakable. In addition, it is resistant to greases and chemicals, the various elements and graffiti does not adhere to the material. In short, PSF is very resistant to possible damage and has various applications. To make PSF even more scratch-resistant, the surface can be provided with a one or two-layer coating as desired. This creates an even better protected product.

PSF tile floors, PU poured floors with PSF, gravel floors with PSF
PSF Tables, kitchen tops, skirting boards, desks, wall decoration, window sills, side tables

And many other applications are possible! Would you like to see how PSF can make your range more sustainable?

Please feel free to contact them.