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Bochemie is a chemical company that produces a wide range of advanced materials and chemicals. Its products and quality reflect Group’s advanced knowledge and experience developing unique technologies, widely used across multiple industries and critical processes. These range from energy storage, to wood protection, and from steel and special-alloy surface treatment to smart textiles.

Loyal customers rely on Bochemie Group’s innovation, dependable customer support and services, combined with the ability to identify developing opportunities in various markets. Bochemie’s clients and partners value its innovative and effective reliable solutions which are consistent with a responsible ethical approach to sustainable development and quality of life.

The business segments are:


  • Production of GAZ industrial Ni-Cd accumulators used for preserving renewable energy resources (sun, wind), as a source of uninterrupted voltage (UPS systems), in transportation as standby supplies in trams, trolleybuses, to start up diesel-electric engines, for emergency power supplies, emergency lighting and telecommunication.
  • Production of active materials for alkaline Ni-Cd accumulators for industrial use.


  • Bochemit preparations for long- and short-term protection of construction timber and other wood elements against wood-destroying insect, fungi, mildew and fire.
  • High user comfort, unique composition, registration and certification across European countries – all this is highly appreciated by the industrial and the hobby segment.


  • Unique technological process of pickling stainless steel and special alloys in reducing melt.
  • Production of zinc chloride, liquid melt, degreasers and special pickling agents as part of hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Unique ecological production technology of nano ZnO with an extremely high surface area.


  • MEFTEX (MEtallized Fine/Functional/Flexible TEXtile) achieves unique, new technical properties while retaining all the properties of the original material, including the textile appearance.
  • The metallization of individual fibres is carried out in very thin layers without affecting breathability, the basic strength parameters and, in principle, even the weight of the base material.


  • Production for key partners UNILEVER ČR spol. s r.o. and Schulke CZ, s.r.o.
  • Offer of production of private labels, in particular disinfectants and detergents, washing and cleaning agents including abrasive ones, liquid soaps, for other entities.

Consultancy and advisory services.