Materia Exhibition: Wonders Of Water

During ARCHITECT@WORK in Rotterdam (NL), Materia will be present on September 14th and 15th 2016 with the exhibition ‘Wonders of Water.’ This exhibition is entirely devoted to the important role water plays in the innovation of materials. As a visitor, you will be treated to 125 special material samples as well as a number of water related special items that will amaze you.

All life on Earth is largely made of and is dependent on water. Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface and since classical antiquity, it has been considered alongside earth, fire and air as one of the earth’s basic elements. But water is not only a source of life. It is also a source of materials!

Materia is bringing attention to the almost limitless possibilities of water as a source of and inspiration for materials during ARCHITECT@WORK. Visitors will surely marvel at the sight of the many innovations this exhibition presents: carpet made from recycled fishing nets, wallpaper made from shells, leathers made from stingray to name a few. Or what about insulation made of seaweed or algae used in the production of roofing?

But the sea is not only a seemingly endless source of materials. This exhibition also shows that water and materials together act as both friends and foes. Materials can demonstrate extreme waterproofing abilities, or offer an open structure that allows just the ideal amount of water to enter. And did you know that numerous building materials in our daily lives are grown with the help of water? This includes bio-adhesive laminates made of starch and plant fibres, or construction boards made from potato cork and organic resin.

In short, we invite you to submerge yourself in the wonderful world of water at this upcoming ARCHITECT@WORK event!


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