Biobased Materials Exhibition

‘Material Platform’ Materia and Broeinest, the flexible meeting place for thinkers and makers, are pleased to present an exciting new exhibition titled ‘Biobased Materials.’ This exhibition features over 100 of the most inspiring sustainable design materials on the planet.

Derived from living organisms, both plant and animal, biobased materials feature a low CO2 footprint, low energy costs and generate no – or minimal – pollution. Examples include bioplastics, compostable materials, fungi and algae as a new raw material, ‘waste’ materials such as coffee grounds and nut shells or chitin from shrimp shells, and new materials made from wool, leather, hemp and nettles. The source of raw, biobased materials available is inexhaustible. Residual materials from the agriculture and forestry sectors also offer economically interesting material inspiration.

The exhibition opens on January 1st, 2016 and will run until April 1, 2016. Themes to follow later in the year will include ‘Smart Textiles’,’ Lovely Light’ and ‘Luxurious’.

Biobased Subthemes:


Key Dates:

Exhibition – January 1, 2016 until April 1, 2016 (Weekdays from 8:00-17:30)
Materia Cafe – Thursday, February 25, 2016

You can find a map with directions to the Broeinest location at Strijp-S here..

We hope to see you in Eindhoven!