Materia Exhibition: Digital Discoveries at Prototyping 2017

During Prototyping 2017, Materia will exhibit the newest materials in the exhibition “Digital Discoveries” on 8 and 9 November in Kortrijk Xpo. With the newest materials, digital techniques and innovative concepts, Materia will show the design possibilities for low-volume manufacturing for both the creative professional and the manufacturing industry.

No product innovation without material innovation! From design to product: for every step in the development process, materials are needed; for the moulds and casting systems as well as the ‘body’, but also the execution and the details and of course the finish. 3D printing with wood, 3D printed concrete moulds, smart solutions for quick and cheap moulds, 3D shapes, CNC foam, prints and foils, 2.5D printing, coatings and structures are only a few examples of new techniques shown in this exhibition. Aside from Materia’s usual samples, there will be 10 large mock-ups of special prototypes on display, in the making of which digital production techniques play a crucial part.

Are you looking for inspiration? Then visit Materia’s exhibition with the newest and most inspiring materials and techniques!

About Prototyping
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