Materia Exhibition: Material Solutions

During DOMOTEX in Shanghai from 20 until 22 March 2018, Materia will be present with the exhibition “Material Solutions”. The theme of this exhibition is the diversity and the character of the newest materials for the interior. The specifier will be treated to no less than 300 special material samples.

The interior of the future is related to comfort, natural materials, great smart insulation, acoustic value, and materials that are more and more able to solve problems. For instance sustainability: natural materials such as wood, bamboo and other bio sources have been immensely popular because of their natural and characteristic looks and are a safe choice for the environment. Also materials made of waste from the agricultural industry, recycled industrial waste, materials sources like algae and fungi are popular for their sustainable character. The performance of metals, glass, ceramic, and plastics is familiar, and these materials are able to perform better than in the past, by, for instance, being lightweight. Aside from that, the tactile, comfortable, conceptual and cultural aspects of these materials make us feel safe and comfortable in an environment that expresses our identity.

Thanks to material innovations and technological developments, materials can be more acoustic, super isolating, self-cleaning, lightweight or scratchproof. The materials in this exhibition are not only for the floor, but also for walls, furniture, cabinets, doors, sunshade and even façades. At the exhibition, Materia shows wooden textiles, leather sustainably tanned with olive tree leaves, acoustic felt, recycled leather walls, luxurious water hyacinth wallpaper… In short: you cannot miss this inspiration, so visit “Material solutions” during DOMOTEX in Shanghai!

DOMOTEX Shanghai takes place in the Shanghai New International Centre (SNIEC) from 20-22 March 2018. The visitors are architects, interior architects and other creative professionals.