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Houtdag 2015

During International Wood Day in De Meern, Materia will be present on November 26 with the new exhibition ‘More Incredible Woods.’ This exhibition is entirely dedicated to the versatility and importance of wood.

We love wood! The word wood however is really too narrow to the describe the enormous variety of this material, including its processing and application, image and appearance. As the world’s oldest (construction) material, it is available everywhere in the world, and especially in unlimited supplies when its use is sustainably sourced and managed. With the emergence of the circular economy and the rising importance of biobased materials, expect wood to become more popular as a building material than ever.

This exhibition showcases in particular innovations that emphasize the positive properties of wood: Wood that has been CNC machined in order to enhance its acoustic properties, wood modified to improve its weatherproof and waterproof qualities, materials made from the root and bark of a tree, or the beauty of wood drawn from the depth of the canals of Venice. Also, derivatives of wood such as a kind of ‘leather’ made from market fruit waste along with other materials created from agricultural and forestry waste will be feature.

In all its forms, including laminated or composite, this exhibition will show that wood is a friend to all and a great ‘best friend’ complimenting many other types of material.


Curious about the technical and aesthetic inspirations of this familiar material? Come to “More Incredible Woods” and discover the latest new generation of wood. To register for a visit to International Wood Day in De Meern, visit the website and click on the sign up button.

See you there!