Materia Exhibition at Dutch National Steel Day

During Dutch National Steel Day held on October 1 in Amsterdam, Materia will be present with the exhibition “More Kinky Metals”. This exhibition will once again be completely dedicated to exceptional, innovative and inspirational metals.

Steel, aluminum, copper and alloys have a high-tech, industrial image. During the industrial revolution, these materials conquered the world and revolutionized our built and designed environment. The growth of mechanical engineering, car, train and airplane industries, along with the emergence of the sleek high-rise towers was made possible by metal innovations.

In addition to the engineering strength of metal, it is also a valued aesthetic and design material for facades, ceilings, floors, furniture and coatings, guaranteeing a modern and high-tech signature look with influences stemming from 20th century modernist architecture.

In term of sustainability, metals within the construction industry have a long and reliable service life and furthermore, more than 90% can be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

An enormous diversity of metals can be seen in this Materia exhibition. Following the success of last year’s exhibition, Materia will be bringing 70 new and innovative metal materials scouted by our experts.

Knitted, woven, molded, foamed, recycled, embossed and several variants of 3D printed metal with be on show! Metal cladding, floors, coatings, furniture, products, structure and other applications will show you new sides and dimensions to this very dynamic material.

Curious about the technical and aesthetic inspirations metals have to offer? In short: come to the “More Kinky Metals” exhibition and see for yourself!