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In the ‘New Objectivity’ the call and need for more co-operation across the board is clear. However… these enthusiastic and ambitious planned partnerships often get marred by practical implementation. The result: lots of initial effort but ultimately good opportunities remain untapped in practice. Why does that happen? Why is structural, practical co-operation such a difficult task? And in which cases does co-operation work well? What are examples of successful co-operation? And what can we learn from them?

In recent months, colleague Ambassador Club member Stephen Hodes (CEO LAgroup) has looked into this matter, given the increasing importance of the issue. He will share his findings with the HSMAI Ambassadors Club on Thursday 3rd October. The interactive programme deals with critical success factors for successful collaboration. What are the possibilities and the impossibilities? What are the limits, what are the opportunities? And how does one achieve a ‘coalition of the willing’?

Admission by invitation only.