The Creation of Luxury – Leisure & Hospitality, by Objekt

Hospitality 3.0 “The creation of luxury”

For more than 20 years, the OBJEKT©International magazine has shown a filtered and varied picture of interiors, architecture, art and design. During the afternoon, a bird’s-eye view of the absolute high-lights is shown. This world of style and luxury is created largely by human hands. That’s why we’ll go beyond just looking at pictures, and instead present three guest presentations – on hotels, luxury yachts and exceptional outdoor spaces – which demonstrate more on the design and construction process in this field.

We start in Amsterdam, where 5-star hotels are popping up everywhere. In times of recession, this seems contradictory. What is going on here? And how does such an hotel get created? Then we set sail aboard a 50 foot yacht on which each component – including the interiors – has been custom designed and manufactured, down to the smallest details. Is this the ultimate in custom-made hospitality? Or will this become visible in the final proposal ‘Down to Earth’ in Rotterdam where we take you to the park to play outside, just like we used to do? The afternoon of October 10th offers both breadth and depth and an interesting look at Leisure & Hospitality and ‘the creation of luxury’.

14:00 Arrival of participants at Materia Inspiration Centre Amsterdam with coffee and tea
14:30 Opening and introduction for the speakers by Roger Jacobs
14:35 Short presentation “Hospitality in Style” by Roger Jacobs
14:45 Presentation “Hotels and design” by Bram Hagemeier
15:25 Feedback and questions participants
15:30 Presentation “Hospitality by nature” by Gilbert Koskamp
16:10 Feedback and questions participants
16:15 Presentation “Tailored Leisure” by Rob Wetzels
16:55 Feedback and questions participants
17:00 Closing and drinks
18:00 End

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Bram Hagemeier of Aedes Real Estate
Hotels & design: A vision of the hotel market and the role of design from the perspective of the client.

Bram Hagemeier is project director at Aedes Real Estate. Their projects include the current Andaz hotel in Amsterdam and are now in full swing again with a new 5 star temple, the Hyatt Regency hotel on Sarphatistraat.


Gilbert Koskamp of ssse | OvO associates architects
Hospitality by nature, constructed landscapes

Gilbert Koskamp is an architect with ssse | OvO associates architects. His designs include an indoor play area and catering pavilion in Plaswijckpark (Rotterdam) that is integrated in the green parkland and which complements the quality of the landscape around it.


Rob Wetzels of Wetzels Brown Partners
(Note: presentation in English)
Tailored Leisure: One size does not fit all

Rob Wetzels is an architect and designer of luxury yacht and residential interiors. His award-winning creations have frequently been seen in OBJEKT © International, for example in the June issue (# 62) which features his design for the interior of a 50 meter yacht.


Roger Jacobs OBJEKT © International
Hospitality in Style: A photographic flight along some impressive hospitality projects in OBJEKT © International.

Roger Jacobs is the marketing director at interior, architecture and design magazine OBJEKT © International. The quarterly magazine provides a contemporary look at the world of high-end design, as seen through the lens of photographer and art director Hans Fonk, under the motto “Living in style”.