Materia Exhibition – Concrete Candies

During Architect@Work in Ahoy Rotterdam from 17 to 18 September, Materia will be present with a themed exhibition. This exhibition, called `Concrete Candies,` is dedicated to innovation of concrete with special material samples, applications and special items highlighting concrete innovation.

Those who think of concrete as a raw and cold construction material will surely be surprised by the many concrete examples on display in this exhibition. Through growing innovation, concrete can now be realised in many forms: concrete that is as soft and cuddly as a textile, lightweight, coloured and aesthetically enhanced with amazing aggregates, with a relief print and photographic images, 3D printed, luminous or translucent and self-healing. Even as a construction material, concrete is becoming lighter, more workable, stronger and leaner due to new reinforcement fibres. The sustainability of concrete will also be explored with examples of recycled cement along with bio-based reinforcement and additives.

More concrete innovation and opportunities for the architect and designer will be presented in the lecture `Poetry in Concrete` by Materia’s creative director Els Zijlstra on 17 September from 14:30 to 15:00


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