Material Crossovers exhibition at Materials 2014

Materia will present 100 of the most inspiring and innovative materials at the Dutch trade show Materials 2014. The show is a professional material’s event for the technical industry, aimed at those involved with selection, application and process of materials.

Materia is the leading global network in the field of innovative materials. Around an independent and continuously growing collection of 2,000 exciting materials, Materia daily connects building and design professionals. In this way, Materia encourages joint innovation on the road to a more beautiful, sustainable and high-quality built environment. The selected materials are then showcased via travelling exhibitions and professional trade shows around the world, including in the Netherlands, Germany, China and the United Kingdom.

Materia’s exhibition at Materials 2014 will feature over 100 of the newest materials from the independent collection, organised for maximum impact in the target industries. The theme is Material Crossovers, with materials showing innovations that are inspiring and useful to both creative designers and technical professionals.

The goal is to create a link between the creative and the technical sector. The innovative materials on display will inspire designers, manufacturers and industry specialists. Examples include bio-polymers, iridescent films, light-weight composites, anti-bacterial coatings, flexible wood, translucent wood, packaging material made of fungi, and self-healing materials.

Besides the exhibition of materials, Materia’s experts will be present throughout the show to provide visitors with further information. The expected audience is wide-ranging, from material manufacturers and researchers to industrial designers, engineers and the industry.

Materials 2014 will take place between April 16th – 17th 2014 in Veldhoven, in the region of Eindhoven, frequently referred to as the Dutch design capital. For more information check out the show’s site.