Materia Exhibition: WANTED! WOOD!

During Houtdag 2016 on 24 November, Materia will again present some 60 inspiring materials made or derived from the fantastic material wood. The exhibition “WANTED! WOOD!” shows wood in all its diversity.

Wood is loved, popular, hot and happening! It is circular, you can go up into the sky with it and down into the ground with it, use it in floors, walls, facades and foundations. It can be twisted, laminated, foamed, cast, woven, even knitted, 3D printed, made translucent, made smart and used to communicate, and above all it is sustainable. It is healthy and beautiful, versatile yet surprising; and that’s what we want. During the exhibition WANTED! WOOD! Materia presents the latest materials made of, or related to wood. Velvet-soft fabric, translucent walls, 3D printed wood, paper thin marquetry (inlay technique) and environmentally preserved wood. Be inspired and surprised by the oldest material you will never get tired of.

The National Houtdag (Wood Day) has long been the event for anyone who wants to be inspired about wood and architecture. This year, the National Houtdag on 24 November has the theme of “Wood Double Plus”. It is located in Stadsschouwburg & Philharmonie Haarlem, the Netherlands.