Materia Exhibition: Smart Textiles

During MoOD & Indigo Brussels 2016, Materia will present the “Smart textiles” exhibition from 6th until 8th September. This exhibition is entirely dedicated to innovative textiles.

MoOD exhibitors are bringing upholstery, window and wall coverings for the residential and contract market. Indigo Brussels exhibitors are home surface and pattern designers. Location is Tour & Taxis, an urban future oriented experience, close to the center of Brussels and easy to reach with public transportation. The theme of the Materia exhibition will be “Smart textiles”, focusing on textiles for architecture and interior, fashion, mobility, sports and healthcare.

The versatility of textiles is undeniable – whether it is used in interior design, the automotive industry, furniture, architecture, design or fashion. Irrespective of whether it is woven, non-woven or knitted by robots; textiles are an excellent multi-functional medium Strong and lightweight, flexible, transportable, self-cleaning, antibacterial, odour purifying, or regulating daylight with sensors that react to UV radiation or temperature; the development of textiles is growing in every sector. Fabrics are also being produced from new material sources such as agricultural left overs, cork or wood. And not forgetting e-textiles that give light, sound and other displays to increase protection, communication or comfort. Many of these latest textiles will be shown at Tour & Taxis during MoOD & Indigo Brussels.

We are excited to present the fascinating world of smart textiles in this cutting edge exhibition. This exhibition will not only demonstrate the enormous capabilities of these materials, but also the opportunities smart textiles offer to positively impact our lives and interior industry.

MoOD & Indigo Brussels will take place in Brussels from 6th until 8rd September, 2016. The expected audience is wide-ranging, visitors tend to be general managers and professionals in the fields of design and styling. Commercial reps representing companies active as editors, wholesalers, retail agents, import/export companies, furniture manufacturers, in design, interior decoration and product development.

Use promo code for free access: MATF8642235