Materia Exhibition: Incredible Interiors

During the Interieurbouw Vakbeurs 2016 (‘Interior Construction Trade Fair’), from 11-13 October in Evenementenhal Hardenberg, the Netherlands, Materia will exhibit around 60 inspiring materials. Materials for the interior of the future will play a central role. The exhibition “Incredible Interiors” shows material innovations in all its diversity.

The future of interior architecture, design, and material is very exciting and challenging. The digital (r)evolution offers unprecedented possibilities for new shapes, materialisation and decoration. Another important trend in the field of material is the procedure according to the circular economy, such as the development of renewable resources and recycling of synthetic and mineral materials. Products, constructions and materials are becoming lighter, stronger and more flexible, and the (re)use of material becomes more efficient and smarter.

Materials you can expect
On the Interieurbouw Vakbeurs, Materia will show almost limitless possibilities of the materials of the future from its independent collection. Examples are leather made out of fruit, wallpaper made from seashells, textile that dissolves in water, isolation made from seaweed, coffee grounds panels and bio-plastic made from the shells of crabs. The visitor will be amazed upon seeing the many innovations on this exhibition.

Interieur Vakbeurs 2016 takes place from Tuesday 11 until Thursday 13 October in Evenementhal Hardenberg, the Netherlands. For the program and tickets, please visit

See you in Hardenberg!