Materia Exhibition: Metals on the Move

During Staalbouwdag 2016 on 11 October in Amsterdam Kromhouthal, Materia will again show some 60 inspiring materials, with metal playing the leading role. The exhibition “Metals on the Move” shows metal in all its diversity.

We all know that metal is versatile, but if you stop and think about its possibilities, they continue to be impressive. Developments in the field of structural steel go fast: with digital production techniques, stronger and weather resistant alloys, metal is becoming lighter and more durable, and with new techniques and surface treatments it is still being used more effectively and more beautifully. In addition, the construction industry is benefiting from developments being made in the mobility sector. Moreover, the appearance of metal is always appealing: from high-tech lightweight aluminium and the fine tuning within the aviation industry to air purifying titanium dioxide, from crude and raw Corten steel established in the ports, to the gold leaf on the Prada museum. “Metals on the Move” is about change, materials, technology and process, and the materials in this exhibition present some excellent examples! Metal-foam, heat-absorbing metal textiles, 3D printed metal, acoustic light-weight honeycomb or sputtered copper textiles. So come to Amsterdam and be inspired.

The Nationale Staalbouwdag (The National Steel Construction day) is the annual information event for construction professionals who have a say in: real estate and project development companies, architectural firms, engineering firms, construction companies, steel companies, but also for governments, universities and research institutions. The DMUs attend the National Steel Construction day to gain knowledge about the latest trends and developments in ordering, designing and building with steel. To facilitate this, Staalbouwdag 2016 offers a versatile program, with a full day plenary conference and practical seminars for specific target groups. In recent years, the average attendance for this event is 1,600 visitors.