Materia Exhibition – Incredible Woods

Materia will be presenting a new exhibition called “Incredible Woods” at International Wood Day in Rotterdam on October 7. This exhibition is devoted entirely to the versatility and importance of wood.

We love wood. And we believe that wood is too simple a word to describe a huge variety of material qualities ranging from processing and applications to feel and appearance. As one of the oldest (construction) materials, it is almost universally available, unrestricted in terms of stock and very sustainable when used wisely. With a position as the number 1 material within the circular economy and its growing importance as a biobased material, wood is once again a super popular material.

This exhibition shows above all the advantageous characteristics of wood, along with its ability to reduce negative characteristics. Examples include: lightweight woods milled with CNC, self-foamed woods, dyed-through solid woods, spruce and pine modified with the characteristics of meranti, flexible wood, transparent veneers and soft compressible wood.

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Curious about the technical and aesthetic inspirations stemming from this trusted material? Come to “Incredible Woods” and explore a new generation of wood materials yourself. Do you want to register for a visit to International Wood Day? Then visit the website and click on the ‘subscribe’ button.

See you in Rotterdam!