Material Xperience 2018

From 13-15 March 2018, Material Xperience 2018 will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. Material Xperience is the leading event for designers, architects, specifiers, and material manufacturers focused on material innovation.

The theme of Material Xperience 2018 is ‘Material Sector Crossover’ and will show the material developments in the field of Architecture, Interior, Product, Mobility, Fashion, and Graphic/Packaging industry. With some materials that can be used in multiple sectors, this edition of Material Xperience zooms in on the cross-pollination between the various sectors with exhibitions, lectures, and product presentations.

About 70 per cent of all innovations is based on new materials. Themes such as the circular economy, smart materials, and nanotechnology, lightweight, energy saving, health, and digital production processes are current topics within all sectors. There are exciting and challenging developments happening within the architectural, interior, product, fashion, mobility and the graphical industry.

During Material Xperience, more than 150 manufacturers will show their material innovations to the designer and specifier. Thanks to the multiple represented sectors, the manufacturer will reach a broader and more varied audience, while the visitor will find more choice, more inspiration, and more contacts, which in turn will simulate innovation. Expecting more than 7,500 visitors, Material Xperience will stimulate the influence stakeholders have on each for three days in Ahoy Rotterdam.

Material Xperience 2018 represents the latest trends in material use. Of course, there will be plenty focus on sustainability (bio-based, recycled, and circular materials), digital techniques (3D printing, robotics, CNC milling), technical lightweight and strong materials, and the return of luxurious materials, in which comfort, craftsmanship, user-friendliness, and atmosphere take centre stage. The last mentioned trend in material use is a part of “fusion”, in which desired characteristics (such as looks, acoustic qualities, low-maintenance, lightweight, and sustainability) are combined in one material.

At the heart of Material Xperience 2018 lies the exhibition of the most innovative materials from the Materia collection. Aside from that, the six sectors will each host their own exhibition with remarkable pieces, installations, and materials.

Material Xperience takes place from Tuesday 15 until Thursday 15 March 2018 in Ahoy Rotterdam. You can sign up for a free ticket at