MaterialDistrict Expo: Future Materials

In the expo ‘Future Materials’, MaterialDistrict shows you the materials of the future that will make our lives easier, smarter, and more sustainable.

What will the world look like in 50 years? Will we be surrounded by robot, will we drive in self-thinking cars, is our food produced in high-rise greenhouses, is information about our health transmitted through sensors in our clothes? How will be work, recreate, travel, and live?

One thing is for certain: new materials will play a mayor part in the development of technology. Smart fibres in textile will replace separate sensors. Energy for smartphones and wearables will be generated through smart materials. Recycling waste material is optimised. We will build using engineered hemp, flax and bamboo. Plastic is made entirely our of biobased resources. And through 3D printing, customisation of all products is within reach. Everything is about sustainability, smartness, communication, health and wellbeing. What a time to be alive!