MaterialDistrict Expo: Innovation Meets Design

During the Hard Surfaces 2019 exhibition at ExCeL London (30 April-2 May), you can enjoy a MaterialDistrict Expo exploring the theme of Innovation Meets Design. Honing in on ground-breaking hard materials for architecture and design, MaterialDistrict has created a 200m² curated experience of 136 international surfaces. Unexpected performance and innovative aesthetics will be found in materials featured for their light weight, their recycled content, their durability and other distinct properties and visual appeal. These are hard surfaces you might never have seen before to excite and inspire you.

The development of hard materials is all about new surfaces, sustainable challenges, and creative digital techniques for smarter ways to add that wow-factor to construction. What are the latest developments? As well as those materials already familiar to the sector such as sintered, solid surfaces and quartz, how about cast basalt, industrial metallic finishes, spandrel glass, acoustic lightweight concrete, curvy natural stone paper or 3D printed structural support beams?

MaterialDistrict has selected 136 materials to highlight products such as recycled trash terrazzo, translucent materials, others that absorb CO², smart composites – even one combining stone with wood – water-absorbing tiles and much more! You’ve got to see it, touch it, experience it to believe it.

There are products for exterior and interior use created to satisfy both form and function. They are products that will surprise and arouse all your senses. Come and be inspired!

See you in London!