MaterialDistrict Expo: Wonders of Wood

MaterialDistrict will be present at ARCHITECT@WORK Istanbul 2018 with an exhibition with the theme ‘Wonders of Wood’. The exhibition is divided into four segments that reflect the current trends of wood.

‘Wood can do it!’ shows the new performances of wood. Water repellent, extra hard and strong, fire, UV, and weather resistant, luminescent, or transparent; they are all things wood isn’t or cannot do naturally, but which are possible thanks to sustainable innovations and offer new perspectives for application.

‘Wood and friends’ demonstrates the combination possibilities of wood and shows how wood works in composites. Examples of honeycombs, laminates, composites, or textile in which wood is used will steal the show.

The workability of wood results in an endless series of materials. In ‘Wood & technique’, attention will be paid to for example CNC milled surfaces, 3D printed wood, wood woven into textile, foamed into insulation, or folded into origami. Any technique can be applied to wood and offers sustainable applications.

Not just real wood is in the limelight during the exhibition. Attention will also be paid to materials that look like wood. With ‘Wooden lookalikes’, MaterialDistrict shows materials that aren’t wood, but want to have the warm and authentic charm of wood. Vinyl floors, ceramic tiles, and wall covering are only a few examples of materials that imitate wood. Imitations are getting better and better, particularly because of the improved quality of printing techniques and the addition of relief, so that they are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

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