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The Elevated Graphics Collection is a collection of flat and rigid surfaces printed with multiple layers of ink, up to 10mm, creating a very detailed relief in full colour. A key difference with 3D printing is the use of an ultraviolet hardening ink. A UV lamp integrated in the print head dries the CMYK ink as it is printed. This texture has a decorative effect, with the small, raised ink deposits forming full-colour patterns across the printed area. With their ‘Elevated Graphics’ collection, designers Jannie Schmitz and Daan de Haan have created a range of highly detailed relief in full colour.

This collection is produced with Océ High Resolution print technology. Other applications of the technique could include printing relief containing information for the poorly sighted. Replicas of works of art are also possible, which would, for instance, allow visitors to a museum to touch realistic copies of famous paintings.

The maximum printing size of a panel is 250 cm x 125 cm
The maximum elevation height is 10mm.

Every colour is possible in the CMYK range.

Material: the printing surface must be flat and rigid. The surface material can be GatorFoam, Dibond or acrylic (PMMA) in various thinknesses. Special materials like wood, metal or glass and mirrors are also possible.

Applications for interior use are for instance wall panels, ceiling panels, bar fronts, artworks, feature wall, signage in braille, protoypes (architecture), reliefs maps, book covers, room dividers, doors (glass / wood), dividers & screens or wall cladding-back-lit indoor.

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