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SafeWood (Color)


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SafeWood (Color) are non-hygroscopic fire retardant treated wood products. The material offers fire retardant treated wood and sheet material that contributes to a higher safety level in building. It is protected by an advanced formulation (DRICON) that allows application of finished products for interior, weather protected applications. The products are free from halogenated compounds. When subjected to fire, the fire retardant ingredients react with the combustible gases and tars normally generated by untreated wood, and convert them to carbon char, carbon dioxide and water.

The technology used has a track record of over 25 years, with proven stability and safety in Western Europe and the United States. It is fully tested in accordance with the most up to date European Standards (Euroclasses) on the Construction Products Regulation and classified in accordance with EN-13501-1. Euroclass C/B fire performance can be achieved for a wide range of timber and plywood species.

SafeWood (Color) provides the full design flexibility with wood products as a sustainable material. Timber products are impregnated with an advanced formulation in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant. With the SafeWood Color program, Foreco offers a wide variety of natural colours and RAL-colours. A coating is applied in a modern application facility. With a transparent system it is possible to accentuate the natural look of the selected wood products. This offers a unique appearance, related to the selected wood species.

Advantages of SafeWood (Color):

  • Non-hygroscopic and resistant to humid environments
  • Maintenance free for interior applications
  • Available for a wide range of timber and plywood species
  • No loss of strength and non-corrosive
  • Tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 and European Standards (Euroclass C/B)
  • The timber comes from sustainable managed forests which earns it a PEFC or FSC certificate.

Typical end use examples for SafeWood (Color):

  • Permanent constructions: residential and commercial projects, internal claddings and linings, external coated claddings
  • High humidity applications: swimming pools, lifeboat stations.
  • Smoke critical situations: transport and rail industry timbers, railway and underground stations.
  • High strength requirements: scaffold boards, staircases, storage and pallet systems.
  • Refurbishment projects: listed buildings, churches.

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