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Nature is and always will be a rich and ever-present source of inspiration. Minerals such as sand and marble are found everywhere. These raw, unprocessed components, with their rough shell, possess infinite beauty and potential. They determine the colour of our being, and especially today, the colour of our interiors.

Nature is very prominent in today’s trends. Sustainability and ecology are becoming increasingly important and terrestrial-inspired designs are showing up everywhere. Mother Earth is making her way into our interiors and this includes office buildings, retail and restaurants. Highly technical and durable floors that can stand the test of time are essential. Good acoustic properties, easy maintenance, as well as UV, water and shock resistance are key for these floors. This well-considered balance between natural design and strong materials stimulates a motivating, inspiring and relaxing (working) environment and brings comfort to users.

2tec2’s new Marble & Desert collections match our longing for nature and sustainability. 2tec2 has polished the ‘rough diamonds’, marble and sand, into two high-quality and technically advanced floor coverings and the result is two woven vinyl collections. They stay true to their original source of inspiration by preserving the beauty of the mineral.

With the looks of a carpet, but with the advantages of a hard floor and a pure mineral interpretation, these two collections are the epitome of innovative design.

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