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Carpets in the remake
Donkersloot proudly presents BT40 and Raw: a circular carpet with the unique Niaga®-technology. The very first carpet that can be fully recycled and made into a new carpet of the exact same top quality, over and over again. This is a game changer. A true Donkersloot.

100% recyclable thanks to Niaga®-technology
Until recently, recycling a carpet was practically impossible as carpet fibres were glued to the latex bottom layer and could not be separated. But now there is Niaga® Duo, developed by DSM and Niaga®. This specific component no longer requires the use of latex.

What makes Niaga®-technology so special? The glue actually acts like a screw: As tough as can be, for as long as it needs to be, but it can be easily disassembled for optimal recycling. The backing, glue, fibres: everything is separable, until the very last thread.

Completely circular
The recycled material will be used to make a whole new circular carpet. One that can be recycled and made into the same top-quality carpet that can be expected of Donkersloot, again and again.

Niaga® Duo
The circular carpet consists of:

  • Polyamide 6.0 carpet fibres
  • Niaga®-component
  • Recycled felt (PET) underlay

Its main features:

  • Inseparable when in use
  • Can be completely separated when recycled

BT40 & Raw circular carpet with Niaga®-technology
Donkersloot proudly presents BT40 and Raw. A cool and sturdy bouclé in a stone washed look. Available in broadloom carpeting (BT40) and as a rug (Raw) in a variety of 14 different colours.

This is the circular carpet:

  • Future proof
    Step into the circular economy.
  • Indefinitely reusable
    100% recyclable, time after time.
  • Environmental production
    Energy and water saving production method by the Niaga®-component.
  • A statement in every interior
    A notably different, cool and sturdy design.
  • Suitable for heavy-use
    In the heavy-duty quality that can be expected from Donkersloot.
  • Ease
    Lighter than latex carpet. Easy to transport, install and remove.
  • Scent-free
    No odour emission, which is perfect for both carpet-fitter and customer.
  • Safe: no smoke development in case of a fire.

Demonstrably sustainable
To Donkersloot, sustainability is of the utmost importance. The BT40 is proud to carry the GUT certificate, which is also acknowledged by BREEAM and LEED.

Over 20 years ago, the carpet industry designed the GUT-certificate in a joint effort to decrease the impact of carpets on environment and health. Over 90% of the European carpet manufacturers have since joined it. In PRODIS, GUT’s information system, end–users and consumers can find all relevant information about carpet products, including their environmental and health aspects. All certified products have to conform to the standard as set by GUT’s environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which allows for an open and honest comparison. The EPD and the CE-table can directly be downloaded from PRODIS by both consumer and end-user.

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