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High quality, durable surfaces with three-dimensional effect, made to customer specifications. Makes surfaces alive. Formed by the combination of our individual laser vacuum technology, plastic graphic relief for the object store and interior design. Depending on the angle and lighting, you see a fascinating three-dimensional structures with light and shadow effect.
The material:
Single or multilayer films in the latest colors or the look of brushed stainless steel, 3D shaped with MDF.
The technology:
An insensitive to dirt thermoplastic film is processed in three dimensions to the combination of modern laser technology “and thermoforming processes. The 3-D decorative film is heated, nestled by vacuum around each contour in the surface and is compressed simultaneously with the molding. Material irregularities, such as when they arise cnc machines, laser cutting does not exist. The area is completely clean. Our laser technology can create very delicate items.

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