3D Leveling Cork

Wolz Nautic

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3D Leveling Cork delivers not only a prefabricated teak-deck, but also a system solution with a 3D leveling underneath. Decks are measured with millimeter-precise 3D laser trackers, comprising all necessary data to adequately and accurately starts producing the prefabricated deck.

Not only does this method obtain a perfect contour profile and flow, absolute essentials for the production and installation process, it also assures the ability to identically reproduce any component, whenever needed. In short, laser tracking offers a variety of convincing benefits, ranging from accuracy to cost-efficiency and beyond.

Following their success of innovating a 3D leveling cork, its manufacturer Wolz Nautic has gone on to collaborate with the biggest and most exclusive yacht builders in Europe. The manufacturer explain this material has been such a big success because it is a quite simple way of saving approx. 2 – 3 tons of material on a 80 m project, plus achieving high noise reduction results.

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