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Inspired by diagrammatic design and the skins of imaginary animals, Foglizzo Folds is a collection of pleated leather developed by Pinaki Studios exclusively for Foglizzo Leather.

The hides are folded into intricate paper moulds that were designed and made by hand, and which follow patterns that borrow inspiration from traditional pleating techniques. These are then subjected to high temperature processes to give the leather the form and structure of scales and shells. Once the leather is treated its shape is permanent, becoming three-dimensional, flexible and textural.

These new qualities open up rich possibilities for panelling, upholstery and soft furniture, and can add a sculptural layer to otherwise two-dimensional surfaces. You can watch these fascinating videos showing the leather folding processes behind this material here, here and here.

Pinaki Studios is a London-based creative textile studio, directed by Arantza Vilas, which navigates between and around the worlds of art and design. Working in collaboration with other organizations and companies they engage in consultancy, collaborative work and their own research to produce commissions, special editions or one-off pieces. Their includes textiles for costumes, art-based installation projects, products for cinema, fashion, interiors, window displays and more.

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