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Tanning leather with olive leafs? wet-green is a purely ecological leather tanning agent and an associated tanning process. These developments have allowed the company to produce leather using renewable raw materials – setting a whole new standard in terms of sustainability.

The wet-green OBE tanning agent is prepared in a similar way to a natural tea extract. This extract is produced using only a by-product of the olive cultivation industry – the leaves. The wet-green tanning process permits the manufacture of biologically degradable premium leather with optimum skin compatibility on an industrial scale. A growing and continuously evolving environmental awareness among consumers is forcing producers and their brands to focus their attention on ecological considerations.

This universal dry leather semi-finished product requires no biocides and is suitable for all leather types. It is sulphide-free unhairing technology. The development of a safe unhairing technology arose as an alternative to currently used sulphur compounds. This eliminates the release of toxic hydrogen sulphide which could endanger leather workers, and also prevents noxious odours.

The producers of this material are currently developing  possibilities for material recycling of environmentally compatible by-products from wet-green production (including shavings, extraction residues etc.).

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