3D Textiles by Gaetano Rossini


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These tridimensional woven garments and fabrics are for cars, furnishing and fashion. The latter is a fabric built on specific characteristics such as size, height and thickness. Commonly called 3D fabric, it has the ability to be variable in thickness and softness. All the characteristics of 3D products are understood, highlighted and explored; lightness, breathability, elasticity and abrasion resistance, thus making it possible to create very complex structures. In addition, these materials are flame retardant and resistant to wear and light. The complexity of the fashion field motivates the manufacturer to be even more efficient in the creation of new materials and faster in the production of  technical fabrics, which must necessarily be in constant evolution.

Applications for the automotive industry include use in even heavy vehicles thanks to this material’s resistance to abrasion, light, scratching and rubbing, along with its colour fast properties. To get the best performance out of these products, the manufacturer employs external finishing processes such as: shearing, steaming, rolling, finishing and thermo-flame lamination. Often, for automotive applications, fabrics are coupled to foam or mesh to improve the comfort and convenience of installation of carseats.

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