Acoustic Ceiling Spray-on Solutions


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Seamless, Decorative, Acoustic Ceiling Spray-on Solutions.

A high quality, seamless and sustainable acoustic spray-on system, composed of cellulose fibres, made of recycled paper. This innovative sound absorbing solution is directly sprayed onto any possible surface, creating an attractive texture. By using different structures, thicknesses and colours, Asona offers a wide range of possibilities and an individual solution for every project.

SONASPRAY has been developed to not only highly optimize the room experience and speech intelligibility, but to blend in with the design of the room in such a way that they are, as it were, invisible and quietly does its work. It was designed to discreetly work around or cover all objects in the ceiling as well as integrate spots and lamps.

The large choice in colour offers an opportunity to make the ceiling stand out and create special effects, thus offering an enormous potential for designers and architects to create an exclusive interior design.

Sonacoustic is an exclusive, ultra-smooth, seamless acoustic finish with a luxurious appearance with a wide range of possibilities in colours. This acoustic finish is sprayed onto a backing of high-performance sound-absorbing board and consists largely of recycled cotton fibers, originating from the cutting losses during the manufacture of cotton clothing.

This acoustic top layer is sprayed with a spray application. After drying, the surface is sanded to obtain a perfect finish. By using different structures, thicknesses and colours, Sonacoustic is an individual solution for every project. Any stable ceiling and wall construction, such as concrete ceilings, plasterboard constructions or metal constructions, are suitable as a substrate. Openings or separations to other surfaces can be finished with profiles.

Both systems offer a range of options in both colour and finish structure and is designed to follow any ceiling shape.

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