Soundblox Carbstone


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Soundblox Carbstone, 100% Circular, Cement free and CO2 negative.

These Acoustic Building Blocks designed to absorb sound as well as CO2!

These highly sustainable acoustic blocks are designed to improve room acoustics and offer the possibility to integrate the solution for sound absorption, sound insulation and fire resistance in one constructional wall solution.

These circular acoustic blocks are designed to replace the traditional concrete blocks with the exact same qualities as concrete, such as compression strength, structure and outlook, yet without the ecological disadvantages of this material.

The applied innovative carbonation technology converts metal slag from the steel industry into building material for upcycling towards these amazing innovative acoustic blocks as an excellent solution to fight noise pollution as well as the emission of CO2. A huge step forward in sustainable building, considering that cement production is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions.

These blocks are available in various dimensions to meet all acoustic and constructional requirements and are available in both standard ‘concrete’ grey as well as in any other desired colour. Soundless Acoustics equally offers Carbstone regular hollow or solid building blocks in various dimensions.

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