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Produced by PilloPak, Allison is an ultra-lightweight and super-strong sheet material featuring a unique structure that makes it stronger than honeycomb board and lighter than sheet materials made of wood, metal or plastic. It can be provided with a number of finishes including HPL, MDF, CPLP or Solid board.

Offering great flexibility in size, with dimensions up to 2.00 x 3.05 m and thicknesses from 5 to 60 mm, the material can be easily cut with traditional woodworking machinery or CNC equipment. A fine edge finish is possible with (ABS) edge tape or quality finish profiles. These straight, flat sheets do no warp while Allison’s smooth and bright surface results in excellent printability, both digital and silk-screen, without a washboard effect. This combination of properties makes Allison particularly well suited for exhibition stands, shop layouts and building displays.

100% paper based, Allison is easy to recycle and free off noxious substances like formaldehyde and solvents.

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