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Freehand drawing


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This series, featuring cotto and lava stone from the Etna Volcano, is available in several shapes and sizes and is distinguished by its different types of production techniques and decoration. Production techniques include freehand drawing and hand printing.

Freehand drawing, the most complex and difficult technique, involves freehand drawing the decoration by hand using only a pencil and then filling it with colour by brush. Hand printing – or mask technique – is similar to silk-screen printing, but it uses a mask that reproduces a design onto the object on which it is placed. Colours are applied with brushes.

A number of different decoration types are also available. Komon, for example, features the flavour of Asian decorative patterns. New Decoration is made on the basis of specific requests from the designer or client. Fatti a Mano reflects new and traditional decorating patterns. Novecent, with its Mediterranean decorations, features patterns and colours typical of the beginning of the 20th century.

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