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Almaxco Composite Panels


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Almaxco aluminium composite panels consist of two aluminium skins with a recycled LDPE core, or a fire rated PE core, adhered with Dupont adhesive polymer film. The top aluminium skin is treated and color coated with polyester powder coating, and has the option to be coated with a special Nano PVDF coating to enhance the performance of the powder coating in gloss and color retention, and also to make the surface lipophobic and hydrophobic. The coating is non-toxic and emission free, and also allows the panels to be cleaned with only water, no need for chemical cleaning or detergents.
Almaxco panels are 100% recyclable after separation of the materials.
Almaxco panels are available with a mineral-filled core which has an A2 fire rating. The panels are non-combustible and do not emit any toxic fumes or substances when heated.
Almaxco panels are also available for digital printing for sinage or display applications. These sheets are optimal surface tension of the polyester coating required for ink absorption to achieve good printing quality. In addition, panel sheets can be modified by silk screen printing, as well as laser cutting, routing, punching, perforating and other machining.
The panels can be used in a wide variety of applications where light and strong materials are needed to create colourful or printed displays, in industries including construction, signage, transportation, interiors, furniture, or other specialty applications.
Almaxco panels come in many finishes and colors, including high gloss, satin and matte, high gloss with mica, brushed metal finish and mirror finish. Other special finishes include natural stone and wood patterns, chameleon effect, high gloss sparkling, and anti-bacterial paint.

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