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InvariMatte Walnut

United States

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InvariMatte Walnut is a directional, uniformly textured flat stainless steel finish with a thin brownish black oxide film and a brushed appearance. It is available in various thicknesses, from 0.4 mm to 4.5 mm, and it comes in panels up to approximately 2.5 m across. The sheets are designed for finishing areas such as walls, column covers, coping and trims.

The steel has a high chromium content (19.5%) making it high-strength. Molybdenum is added for corrosion resistance and to allow for weld. The steel is very stable at most ambient temperatures. The InvariMatte material can be welded. Some discolouration occurs at the weld. Very high temperatures, such as those produced during soldering, will lead to cracking or crazing of the material. This also happens if the sheets are bent under tight radii.

There is some variation in colour across sample batches. For application over large areas such as roofing or walls, the use of mixed batches is recommended. Occasional cleaning keeps the colour and corrosion resistance constant. For this, normal detergents are used, with acetone for stubborn stains.

The panels are made from 60% recycled steel, and under normal conditions should last as long as the building they are used in.

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