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Alpha Gel


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Alpha Gel is a soft Silicone material with the following qualities, use in the field of absorbtion:
Cushioning & vibration: Alpha Gel’s softness allows for deflection required for shock absorption and vibration damping, providing excellent cushioning and vibration damping performance.

Durability : Alpha Gel is highly resistant to ozone, UV rays, and chemicals, making it possible to use in a variety of locations. In addition, performance is maintained even after repeated compression.

Stable Performance: It’s properties show little change in the -40 to 200 degrees range, providing stable performance.

Enhanced performance :On top of the unique combination of excellent features, also works as a reliable foundation for additional functions and for enhancing performance without compromising the merit softness brings.

Extremely High Safety It’s composition makes it harmless to the human body and to the environment, causing no allergies when touched, and emitting no harmful gases when burned.
picture 2. NP Gel
picture 3. Gel Tape/ Gel Chip
picture 4. Lambda Gel

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