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Tensotherm Nanogel

United States

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Tensotherm™ with Nanogel® offers the same architectural beauty as PTFE fiberglass tensile fabric membrane, but with the added benefit of a feather-light insulation layer that traps air to prevent heat loss and solar heat gain.

This layer, known as Nanogel® aerogel, has an air content of 95 percent, making it the lightest solid material in the world. Developed by Boston-based Cabot Corporation, the material is sandwiched between two layers of Birdair’s PTFE fabric, yet remains less than one-half inch thick.
The material offers many advantages in tensile fabric applications. With a notable insulation value of R-12, the material enhances thermal efficiency by retaining cool air in warm conditions and warm air in cold.

In the process, it meets increasingly demanding energy and building codes required throughout North America. Next, it maintains Birdair’s notable daylight harvesting qualities by transmitting and diffusing natural light. In addition, because it is insulated, the material performs as a superior dampener of sound.
The material is malleable, durable and fade resistant. In addition, it is water repellent and resists mold and mildew.

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