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Altuglas Dual Satin


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Altuglas is a registered trademark for cast and extruded polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) sheets. Altuglas Dual Satin is an acrylic sheet, both faces of which have been specially treated to give a satin finish with a soft and silky feel. This finish also has the property of reinforcing the brightness of colours observed by transparency (transmission) while softening harsh colours. The resulting appearance is very similar to that of frosted glass. Altuglas Dual Satin may be used on its own or in conjunction with other materials such as steel,aluminium or wood. Sheets can be cut, drilled, formed or even thermoformed, without altering the optical or mechanical properties of the product. All other physical and chemical properties of Altuglas acrylic sheets are also retained.
Altuglas Dual Satin is particularly intended for the manufacture of point of sale displays, showcases, decorative furnishings or shop fittings. However, it’s also used for interior decoration, sign panels and shop signs.
Altuglas Dual Satin finish is obtained by a special process that produces macro-geometrical faults in the surface, spherical in form. This feature greatly enhances the material’s scratch resistance and much reduces finger-marking. The finish can be screen-printed.

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