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Perfect harmony between 2 layers of carved wood and a cast resin core giving a luminous stained glass effect!

Applications are: Paneling, opening doors, sliding doors, counter fronts, displays, table tops, furniture, ceiling, partitions, signage… for interior decoration purposes: residential, corporate, commercial, retail, hospitality, yachting, aviation…

Many species of wood are available: oak, beech, ash, sipo-mahogany, maple-sycamore, cherry wood, bubinga, walnut, padouk, iroko, teak, smoked larch, wenge, zebrawood…
Various colors of resin are available:
– Natural, called “clear” with a subtle frosted aspect, on demand it can be polished and very translucent.
– Translucent colors : orange, cognac, fuchsia, red cherry, turquoise, blue sapphire, blue brilliant, green Army, green mint, purple…
– Opaque or quite opaque: white, black and others specific RAL colors on request.

Vibrato panels and furniture are tailor-made; there is no standard size, only some limits: maximum length in one piece is 102 in. (2.6 m) and maximum width is 48 in. (1.22 m). The thickness is calculated depending on the end-use of the panels in order to preserve their flatness.

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