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ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a fire-retardant or non-combustible mineral-filled core that stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards. The façade material is distinguished by its outstanding product attributes such as precise flatness, variety of surfaces and colours as well as excellent formability.

ALUCOBOND® for rear-ventilated façades unites the features of energy-efficient construction, economic viability and architectural quality. The rear-ventilated construction technique is suitable for creating façades on both new and existing buildings as well as roof constructions, Corporate Identity programs and interior applications.

With its extensive processing possibilities at affordable cost, ALUCOBOND® is ideal for realising unusual projects. It can also be handled directly on the building site using commercially available tools and can be refined in a variety of ways to give your project a unique appearance. Thanks to the excellent durability of the composite material the building can be maintained without any major follow-up investments.

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