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When you are developing interiors for the healthcare or hospitality industry, schools, nursing homes or even stores and offices, there is an urgency to consider safe and hygienic solutions. These days we consider our health a valuable asset. By choosing the right materials you can make a significant contribution in creating hygienic spaces. DecoLegno offers a wide range of decorative sheet papers with antibacterial properties. The decorative sheet paper is impregnated with an special ingredient that prevents bacteria to duplicate and within 24 hours 99.9% will die. Especially when used for surfaces that are touched a lot this is an added value. Think about doors, counters, desks, table tops, wardrobes and walls.

Tested according to ISO guidelines
The antibacterial collection of DecoLegno consists of various Cleaf surfaces. Natural looking wood textures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also prevent bacteria from multiplying. The antibacterial quality has been proven in independent research according to recognized ISO guidelines. The silver ion additive will continue to provide a highly efficacious antibacterial property to the treated melamine surface for a period of product usage of greater than five years, as determined by the extensive artificial aging of the melamine surface samples prior to testing.

Hygienic interiors
Additionally a wide range of high pressure laminates with antibacterial properties is available in the productrange HPL Specials. From timeless and trendy uni colors to various wood decors like oak, walnut or classic cherry wood. The product feature anti-fingerprint is added in black, grey and white. You can imagine various applications in customized interior solutions by combining uni colors with wood decors.

Recently the importance of hygiene has been re-emphasized. As an interior designer you can add value to any project by using faced panels and high pressure laminates with antibacterial properties. Check out DECOLEGNO.NL for more information.

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